Blowin’ Off Steam


A normal, frustrating work day. People drive me crazy and do things that make me want to knock their block off.  But knocking someone’s block off is not a professional way of handing the situation.

I might feel better, but would be out of a job.  So instead I swallow it and stew and fume on the inside, while trying to keep my composure on the outside.

The problem is now that when I get home, my children–my precious, innocent, rambunctious children–have a run-in with a dad whose got a defective pressure release valve.  Something’s gonna give and it ain’t pretty picking up the pieces.

Does this scene sound familiar?

Most of the time, the ride between work and home is enough to diffuse the situation. But when it is not, I’m fortunate enough to have an early warning system that usually is able to detect and take preemptive measures before things get out of hand.

Tonight, my sweet “early warning system” suggested that we go on a walk after supper.  Crisis averted.  A walk is a magical mechanism to blow off the steam and get some exercise at the same time.  And when accompanied by a beautiful woman who will just listen to your rants without passing judgment, it is almost like a mini-date.

And when we’re done, I can breathe again and can go back to the business of being a father and a husband.


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