File1970-0032I looked back last year to see if I wrote something to memorialize 4 decades of living life.  I didn’t. I think I had plans to do something, but never got around to it.  That seems to be the case this year for a lot of things.  I had big plans, and only some of them panned out.

I had plans to run a triathlon—you know, to prove that I still have the mojo even though I’m officially “old”.  But the one that I was going to sign up for got cancelled, and it sort of took the wind out of my sails.  I’m planning to run a 5k in December instead, but I didn’t meet my “40th year” deadline.

2010_10Oct_5798Of course, other things turned out much better in other areas.  Having another kid after so many years has turned out to be a huge blessing.  You think your life is full enough and then Wham! Bam!  And there is another reason to wake up and thank God that you’re alive.

Overall, it has been a good year, life-changing and mundane.  Excitement and drudgery. But that is what life is like, and I’m learning to take it as it comes and trust God in all of the moments. 

So long 40, your divisibility by 10 makes you a popular fellow, but 41 is a prime number—you can’t beat that.


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