Cut the Blue Wire…No the Red!

We had an oven failure occur in late March.  The oven would turn off for no reason, leaving my wife with raw baked goods on a couple of occasions. 

My prior successes in appliance repairs gave me the confidence to tackle this job as well.  I took these pictures to help me remember where to plug in all the cables.


Unfortunately, this time it was replacement of a $120 electronic module (below), but I guess I saved on having the repair guy walk through the door.



2 thoughts on “Cut the Blue Wire…No the Red!

  1. I do the same thing! I have pictures of the insides of my washer, of the carburetor of my car, of computer parts, plumbing, etc.! I guess experience is a good teacher. You forget how something goes together once, and you start taking pictures of things.

  2. Too many times I’ve taken something apart too quickly and had to guess to put it back together. Digital cameras are certainly a handy tool to keep in your “toolbox”.

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