Abnormal Activity

This blog is my little corner of the Internet, off in a back alley that isn’t easily found.  I don’t get much traffic here,  but I don’t post much either.

I don’t pay much attention to my traffic stats, but have been experiencing some unusually high traffic on my blog. The slight bump at the end of last year was due to my month of posting in December, where I do a “year in review” by posting pictures every day.

  But then typically things drop off (along with my regular posting).  However this year I’ve gotten a huge spike of traffic, including my busiest day of 359 views.


What is the source of all the traffic?

It turns out that my 2 oldest sons, who started watching my daily posts back in December, decided to go back and read every post that I’ve generated from the very first back in 2004.

That is actually a bit intimidating because I’ve posted lots on my boys and my struggles with parenting.  As I’d watch them read, I wondered if I said something on there that I wished that I could take back now.

But I think I’ve kept things pretty family friendly, so I’m not too concerned.

And a number of times, I’d catch them laughing at one thing or another.  They’ve said that it is neat to read about themselves from my perspective.  They seem to remember things differently.

And maybe they’ll see that I’m not just their dad, but a man with struggles and not everything figured out. 


2 thoughts on “Abnormal Activity

  1. My kids like reading my posts about them too. But you don’t want them to ever find out your human! Then they’ll giggle at you when their friends are around and walk a little taller. No, better that they always believe you’re a superhero that never sleeps. Keep ’em humble, you know.

  2. I think its nice to talk in your blog about family and when they get to read it they would say like.. Am I like that? There are certain characteristic of a person that only an observant can notice it and they themselves have no idea that’s why they enjoy reading your blog. Keep on posting and share it to them.

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