10 Months

As we did with our older boys, we try to take a photo of ~A~ every time his month birthday rolls around.  We get a piece of paper, write his birthday on it and take a picture with him and the paper. 

It has been getting a bit harder lately since he’s been more active—crawling around and pulling up on stuff, and for his 10 month photo, I was a few days late in taking it, because I knew it was going to be a challenge.

I never really got a very good shot though—you know—the money shot.  But in the sequence below, you can at least see the ordeal that I went through to try to get the shot.

As you can see, that “10 Months” piece of paper became little ~A~’s new favorite toy:


I guess, if I had to pick, the not-so-money shot would be:



3 thoughts on “10 Months

  1. I think that all of those are great shots. If they were all just ~A~ sitting still, it wouldn’t really be accurate. Those pictures are an great portrayal of ~A~.

  2. I like all the pictures too. They tell so much about ~A~. He’s discovering his world and having fun doing it. What a busy little guy.

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