1000 Miles

Seven months after I clicked off the 500 mile mark, I’ve rolled the odometer again.  A 5 mile run with my wife put me over the 1000 mile mark on my running. It was a dark and cloudy morning and the sun had not yet come up. But that is the way it is when I run at this time of year.

Since last June when I hit the 500 mile mark:

  • I’ve burned through another pair of running shoes and am now on my third pair of Asic Gel Numbus 12s.
  • I’ve run in 3 more races: 2 10Ks and a 5K
  • I’ve run my farthest run: 10 miles
  • I’ve run the most miles in in a month: 86 miles in November (beating out May and October)
  • I’ve past my 1 year anniversary of running in September.

Other notable facts (from my dailymile.com log):


Also my wife and boys have started running, and now when we talk about races, it isn’t: “Which races will I do?” It is “Which races will we do?”

Running is a lot less lonely than the first 500 miles.  I now get to run with my wife on a regular basis and it is almost like going on a date.  A chance for us to talk, to plan, to pray without the interruptions of 3 boys.

Finally, one notable thing that I’ve learned over the past 1000 miles:

Running is a Gift.  The sunrises that I never would’ve seen. The special times with my wife. The fleeting glimpse of the awesomeness of God.  The opportunities to blow off the stresses of the day.These have been the little things that add up to the Gift of running.  It is hard, but Good.

See you in another 1000 miles.


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