Trail Running

My first introduction to trail running was about a year ago, when a local running shoe store, Fleet Feet, sponsored a group 5 mile trail run on some local trails. While it was a lot of fun, I found it grueling and difficult and opted to go back to the roads.

A second introduction to the trails occurred at the top of the new year when I ran in the Frozen Toe 10k. A fun diversion, but I decided that it wasn’t something that I wanted to do on a regular basis. Plus, I was focused on training for a half marathon and didn’t want get injured.

When Fleet Feet started up their sponsored trail runs again this summer, I felt the call again. But this time, ~D~ & ~K~, who were bored with their neighborhood running route, jumped at the chance to come along and try something new.

The Fleet Feet team has offered 2 routes:

A 2.5 mile route with a grueling climb for the last half mile:


And a longer 5 mile route with the very same grueling climb for the last half mile:


You get to choose how much pain you want to be in.

So we’ve made it a regular, every other Tuesday event to go to the trail runs.


They have drawings for prizes and we’ve actually won a couple of things in the drawings:

  • A Montrail T-shirt
  • Compression socks
  • A chance to demo a pair of running sun glasses


It has been a lot of fun going with the boys. They definitely run a lot faster than I do, especially on the shorter distances.


They are continually kicking my butt on these runs. I’ve yet to make it up the last hill without walking, and they both do the hill pretty consistently.


But best of all, it has been a great time hanging out with ~D~ and ~K~ doing something that we enjoy. We’ve been inspired to all race in a 4 mile night trail race in October.


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