We went to the beach last week and I got the opportunity to run a couple of times while I was there. Unlike the crazy people who were running on the beach in the heat of the day, we got up (relatively) early to run. It made little difference. The humidity was miserable and it was tough getting through a measly 3 to 4 miles.

So the morning I got up to run after we got back, I struggled to get out of bed, dreading the run…but when I stepped outside my mood changed. Although it was in the lower 70s, the lower humidity was lovely, and things were looking up.

It wasn’t until about a mile in that I realized I had forgotten to bring my water bottle. Not good for my planned 6 miles. I was trying to recalculate how far I could go without water and not paying attention to the road…

BAM! Thub, thub, thub! (or at least that’s what it would’ve sounded like if my feet were tires.) Searing pain in my right ankle after landing on a large piece of gravel. I rolled it and landed hard. Ow! Ow! Limp, limp.

At that point, I knew my run was done and hobbled home and put it on ice.

Unfortunately, this happened the last time I was training for a half marathon.

So, now I’m icing* my ankle every night and not running, giving it a chance to recover.


I’ve got to figure out how to strengthen my ankles so this doesn’t happen again. But for now, I’m stalled.

*As a side note, the ice pack that I’m using is something that my wife concocted.  It is a Ziploc bag that contains dish washing liquid and rubbing alcohol.  It conforms to my ankle and is really cold. If you’re looking for a DIY ice pack, I can highly recommend it.


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