Out of Control

I think that the last post came off as a little discouraged, and I guess that was how I was feeling when I wrote it. It has just been a little frustrating to be taken out by a little stone (I’m not the first, although not with such deadly results). I keep on thinking on what I could’ve done or should’ve done differently, and there’s nothing…nothing other than having been prepared ahead of time.

The fact of the matter is that I am not in control. I am put in a place where one tiny stone has a ripple effect of weeks or months in my running plan. If the stone was inches to the left or right, I would’ve run on by without even noticing it.

God is the One who’s in control. He knew that stone was there and that I would hit it before I got up that morning. He allowed me to hit that rock. But why?

I don’t know. Maybe it was a gentle reminder that I need to do exercises to strengthen my ankle and keep me from a bigger injury down the road. Maybe it was to protect me from getting hit by a car later on in the run. It doesn’t matter.

But whatever the reason, I know that I can trust God is Good and I can trust Him in this situation. I don’t need to focus on the “whys” or the end result, but on the process.

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