Hail? Yes!

In March, the 2 older boys, ~D~ and ~K~ and I went on a “Men’s Weekend”. 

We took our pop-up camper  and headed to a nearby state park for a weekend of biking, hiking, burping and all the other stuff that you do when there is a scarcity of women-folk.

The weather started out nice: Sunny and blue skies.  A beautiful promise for the weekend. Unfortunately, it turned and rained off and on throughout the rest of the weekend.

Here we are trying to warm up in front of a fire after a day of hiking and mountain biking in the rain.  ~D~ and I were especially thankful for the fire because we both forgot to bring a jacket:


We were just getting ready to start cooking our supper…


Then the hail started.  It started out big–quarter size ice balls that slammed into the camper.  Then smaller sized hail as the rain started coming heavier.


Our fire was no match for the deluge.


We eventually retreated to our camper to wait out the storm. Cold, soggy, and hungry.

The next day, we packed up in the rain and headed home.

During the storm, a text to my wife summed up the weekend:

“The best and worst camping trip ever.”


2 thoughts on “Hail? Yes!

  1. The weather may have made it tough but I bet it was still worthwhile to have a “men’s weekend.” We have a men only camping trip yearly that has kind of become a family reunion. I can relate to “the best and worst camping trip ever.” Last summer, tipped canoe, rain every day, and no fish.

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