Joyful Sunset

I took these pictures while playing with ~A~ after naps on a Sunday afternoon.  It was the beginning of December and the days before were filled with dread.  Dread of the Christmas season and all of the work, shopping, planning, doing, and unmet expectations that come with the Season. How can I face it again?  Why can’t it just be OVER?!

Ahh, but that isn’t what Christmas is all about, is it?  The Enemy of our souls wants to steal joy and rob us of the delight of celebrating our Savior’s coming to the world. I was being robbed, and it had to stop.

This revelation came to me–a gift from my Father. The dread removed like a weight being lifted off. It was replaced with Joy.


I see these photos and I remember watching the sun go down, singing while pushing ~A~ on the swing, breathing in the cool, crisp December air and being full of joy of anticipation in the birth of Jesus.

Thank you , Father!


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