An Early Morning In December

I brought my camera on a run in early December.  Here are the notes from my running log:

Thursday Run 6.71 mi 01:06 09:47 pace

34 degrees.  A cold, but great run this morning. Brought my camera along and snapped a few photos of the sunrise. Didn’t know how far I wanted to go when I got up, but every time I got to a place to go a little farther, I though, "Yeah, I can do that." Ended up with almost 7.

Here are a few of the photos from the run:

This one is from running through the park.  There’s a bridge that I cross before I get back on the roads.  The “fog” effect is from the flash hitting my breath.


My first glimpse of the sun coming up, about 4 miles into the run.


Looks like a similar picture, but another street over and about 6 miles done.


After finishing the run, I have to cross over a busy 4-lane road to get back to our subdivision.  Depending on the traffic lights, the road can be very busy, or clear enough to cross, like this:


From the other side of the road.


Back in our subdivision, I walk the rest of the way home. I always wear a reflective vest and a headlamp on my hat.


The final distance and time:



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