Go West, Young(ish) Man

We set of on a trip out west, yesterday, the beginning of a three week long adventure.


There were a lot of firsts in the day: the first rest stop.


The first welcome center.


The first meltdown. (No pictures, it wasn’t pretty.)

~A~ did OK, but not great on the 10 hour trip, the first of many long days in the car. Hopefully all of our long distance driving chops will get better over the next few days, cuz we’re going to need them.

After traveling through the four states of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana, we settled down for the night at the house of Christine’s brother. He shared his homemade arcade and theater with us with a showing of “Pacific Rim”, 2 hours of testosterone-filled mayhem.


Our push west continues with St. Louis.


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