Why Go West?

I was talking to my wife the other day about our trip out west. We went, we came back and returned to our normal lives. Was the trip any more than just 3 weeks of driving in the car and seeing the sights along the way?

What was our purpose to begin with? Why even bother making such a trip?

Our family hasn’t really been big on vacations. Our time away from our normal lives is usually short and fairly modest. We have never really taken extravagant vacations.  They have been more of the budget affairs: A week at the beach or camping in the mountains.  We haven’t put much value in them.

But for years we’ve talked about taking a trip out west–going to see the Grand Canyon and other sights out there. It was a mythical thing that was fleeting and always far in the future.  Until we realized that we only had a few short years before ~D~ and ~K~ would go off to college and family vacations wouldn’t include the entire family anymore.

So we started to put some money away, and started talking about “this year” being the year to go.  Planning was always the problem. Neither I nor Christine are great planners, and we couldn’t seem to get over the hurdle.  But we finally bit the bullet and took the steps to make the trip happen.

That still doesn’t answer the question: Why?

For a long time, the answer was: Because it’s there.  There is just a big country out there and we need to see it. We need to go on an adventure and expand our horizons.

But I think really for me it was because I took similar trip with my family as a kid. A memorable trip when I was 14, where we drove and camped out west for an entire month. I still look back to that time and remember it fondly. I wanted to share that same experience with my family.

Our own family’s experience would different, to be sure. But I wanted us to build memories and make our own family story. It wasn’t just Dad remembering a time from his childhood, but something that we could share together: “Remember when we took that trip out west…”



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