Drive Through Kansas

JunctionCity to FtCollins

The drive through Kansas was long, flat, and straight. The western part of Kansas was a lot flatter and dryer then eastern Kansas had been.  There wasn’t really much to break up the scenery, except for a vague notion of mountains in the west.

Christine drove most of the way through Kansas and into Colorado, which was a nice break for me.



Kansas rest stop.


We saw a wind farm in Kansas that went on for maybe 20 miles. This is the first time that I’ve seen more than just 1 or 2 wind turbines at a time and it was an impressive sight.

IMG_20140530_085943567IMG_20140530_090020675 IMG_20140530_085814184

We stopped for lunch at the Colorado welcome station. A nice respite to break up a long day of driving.

IMG_20140530_130017717 IMG_20140530_125427604_HDR

We got to my sister’s house in Ft. Collins around 4 p.m. Mountain Time and hung out with the family in the evening. They had made a cake for ~D~’s birthday, which was a nice thought.


Panorama of the back yard in Ft. Collins.

Tour of the back yard

Tour of the back yard

~D~ blows out all the candle(s).

~D~ blows out all the candle(s).

We went to bed, dog tired after a long day of driving. We’ve been pushing hard to get across the country for the last 4 days and starting to feel the effects.


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