10 Years of Blogging

Today marks the day when I posted my first post on this blog 10 years ago. Way back in 2004.

Back then, I was on Blogger and the blog name was "Tech Expression".  Yeah, I know. Not so much.

I retooled after about a month and became Not (quite) Balanced. The idea behind the blog was along the lines that I’m searching for balance in my life, but not (quite) there.  It stuck and I have kept the name ever since.

After a couple of months of blogging, I got sucked into the blog scene so much (it was big back then) that after 81 posts in 2 months, I was finding my life…a bit out of balance. So I pulled the plug.

Until I started up again in June 2005, when I tried to find a better balance.

I moved to blog to WordPress in 2006 and have been here ever since.

Here are a few notable posts from the past:

Or you can peruse the Archive section in the side bar:


(Yes, it goes on forever.)


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