Heading to Moab

We got up at 6 this morning to pack up, eat breakfast and say goodbye to “The Springs.”


We decided to take a route on 24 up to CO 9 and then to 70, rather than doing I-25 up to Denver and then I-70 W.

We drove over 2 passes:


The first was Wilkerson Pass, the 2nd was Hoosier’s Pass. This was all before getting onto I-70.


We got up over 10000 feet and saw snow by the side of the road. We also drove through a couple ski resort areas before finally getting onto I-70. Then there was still some serious mountain curve driving as we drove past Vail and Aspen.

Once we got through most of the mountains, we stopped at a rest stop, and then Christine drove for a while.

IMG_20140603_115644301 IMG_20140603_115638981_HDR



The next part of the drive was through Glenbrook canyon. The CO river ran through there and in several places there wasn’t enough room for 4 lanes of traffic, so they had the roads on top of one another.

2014_06Jun_03125114_1860 2014_06Jun_03124012_1849 2014_06Jun_03123654_1842

We drove through 4 or 5 tunnels.

2014_06Jun_03124232_1856 2014_06Jun_03124104_1852

We ate lunch at a rest stop about 40 miles from Utah. It was bright and getting hot. We’re going to have to watch our sun exposure in this area.

IMG_20140603_134536144_HDR IMG_20140603_134555177

Christine drove the rest of the way. It opened up into a wide land, with lots of mesa and canyon formations. Red soil, so it is really different that what we’ve seen so far.

2014_06Jun_03164104_1878 2014_06Jun_03164936_1881 2014_06Jun_03154212_1874 2014_06Jun_03152822_0854 2014_06Jun_03165112_1882

We got to Moab around 5 pm, checked into our hotel and took a brief break, then went to supper at Moab Brewery.


After supper, we drove over to Arches to go to the visitor center (which was closed), but drove in the park and stopped at a couple of overlooks and even walked down a trail into the canyon area. Kevin had us just stop and listen and we were able to see how quiet the desert was. It was a cool experience.

Looking forward to our time there tomorrow.


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