A Day at the Arches

We got up at 6am so that we could get to Arches before it got too hot. The highs have been in the mid 90s and today was no exception.

We got to the park about 7:30 and drove to the Windows area and did a loop hike that allowed us to see some of the most prominent arches in the park. There were still lots of shadows, so were able to keep cool when we were in the shade. But boy did it get hot quick.

We then did an out and back hike to see the Double arches and took some photos there. ~K~ climbed up to edge of the window and looked to the other side.

2014_06Jun_04093654_2027 2014_06Jun_04094946_2047 2014_06Jun_04095036_2052 2014_06Jun_04095012_2049

After that, we drove to an overlook of the Delicate arch (which is the picture on the Utah license plate):


You could actually hike to the Delicate arch, but it would’ve been too long for ~A~. With the sun getting stronger, we opted to just go to the overlook where you could see the delicate arch from afar.  Even then, the overlook hike was longer than we expected and was in the direct sun.

~A~ faded on that hike and I had to carry him some on my back. It was getting pretty hot, so we headed back to the car and stopped at some views (including Balanced rock).

We stopped at the visitor’s center and then drove back to the hotel, ate lunch and headed to the pool, which was cool and refreshing.

We went out to supper at Paradox pizza, and then headed back to the Arches park.


It would’ve been nice to drive back farther into the park, but was getting late, and would’ve been an 18 mile drive. So we settled to hike on Park Avenue, which was closer to the front of the park. By now, the heat of the day was gone and we watched the sun set and cast shadows on the rocks.

The hike followed a dry creek bed. There wasn’t really a trail, so they had piles of rocks as markers (called cairns) for the trail.


The hike ended at the road, so the big boys and I hiked back up to the car, and then drove it around to pick up ~A~ and Christine.

It was getting dark as we headed back to Moab.


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