Head South, then Turn Right When You See a Big Hole

On of the primary places that each person in our family said that they wanted to go when we went out west was: “To see the Grand Canyon.” Today was the day we headed there.


We got up at 6 am, packed up and said “Good bye” to Bryce Canyon.

We drove down 89 south and took that the whole way. We stopped in Kanab along the way for groceries and gas. From what we could tell, there weren’t very many stores near the Grand Canyon, so we had to stock up before we got there.

We also stopped soon after crossing into Arizona, once at a scenic overlook that had a good view of Lake Powell, and soon after at a visitor’s center for the Lake Powell dam because we needed a potty break.

We turned of onto 64 and got into the Grand Canyon National Park and stopped at the first overlook to see the canyon. The place was mobbed with people.



Then we drove to our hotel, intent on checking in. Alas, none of the rooms were ready and check-in wasn’t until 4 pm. We thought we were in Mountain Daylight time, but apparently the Grand Canyon area doesn’t change to daylight savings time, so it was 4 pm Mountain STANDARD time. Which meant we got our time bumped back another hour–3 hours behind Virginia time.

We had to burn a couple of hours, so we drove back into the Grand Canyon park and went to the visitor’s center to get some more information. There wasn’t anything there, and the Grand Canyon movie wasn’t running because the theater was out of order.

So we walked to the run and looked at the biggest hole in the ground and took some pictures.

We finally got back to our hotel. The room was small, but seemed clean.

~A~ took a late nap, so he was bouncing off the walls at 7 when we ate in the room. I took him to the pool for a little. We didn’t stay long because it was cold and crowded there.


This is definitely the most crowded place we’ve been. More like going to an amusement park. We needed to reset our expectations and realize that we’re not the only ones that want to see a big hole in the ground.

Tomorrow we plan to get up early and go on a hike into the canyon. We’ll have to ride the shuttle to get to the trail head.


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