Balance. It’s a word that can be applied to all areas of my life.
I need to be balanced in my parenting: Firm, and yet full of grace.
I need to be balanced in my job: working enough hours but not being consumed by it.
I need to be balanced in my relationship with my wife: Giving all my undivided love and devotion to her, but also receiving her love for me.

I need to balance my computer time, TV time, family time, ministry time, and devotion time.
I need to balance how I use money, home and resources and be a good steward of them.

I need to balance judging what is right while being full of grace.
I need to balance being full of integrity without being legalistic.
I need to balance considering the needs of others while not being a doormat.

And most of the time, I fall flat on my face. I’m off one way or another.

But when I fix my eyes on Jesus, everything that surrounds becomes shadows in His light. It becomes clear what is important and how my purpose fits into His Purpose.

I struggle with not only fixing my eyes on Jesus, but walking it out in a practical way? How can I do it? God rescues some of these attempts by His power and makes them productive.

I’m not (quite) there yet, but I’d like to share the journey.