Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We don’t discriminate when it comes to helping around the house.  When it is time to clean, it is ALL hands on deck, no matter how big or small. 


However, when it comes to OSHA standards, we’re all about the PPE. We like to protect those little ears so that they can clearly hear the instructions that we give. 

There’s no excuse.




First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was ~A~’s first day of preschool.  He did great—no tears, no drama.  The teacher said he was quiet, just taking things in.


Of course, he’s never quiet at home.


As I was posting this, I was trying to remember if I had a post from the last time we sent one of our boys to preschool for the first time.  I was going to link to it.

But of course, that happened 10 years ago–before I started blogging in 2004.

Forty Year Old Pony

(Cutting it close today, I know.  We just got back into town and I forgot that I had to post today.  If it weren’t for my wife, I would’ve had to have back dated a post.)

We just got back from my folks house and there I got the opportunity to watch ~A~ enjoy one of my favorite toys from ancient times:  “Wonder Horse”.

Back in the day, I was a real cowboy, and a cowboy has got to have a horse.  (Sorry, but I didn’t have a picture of me riding the horse…)


I remember riding that horse for hours at a time, rounding up cattle and galloping like the wind.

I was a real cowboy and “Wonder Horse,” with a “WH” brand on his haunches, was my horse.

Believe it or not, he was still alive when my parents dug him out of the attic for little ~A~ to enjoy.

~A~ was a bit lukewarm towards “Wonder Horse” at first, but warmed up to him after a bit and he started to really enjoy himself.



And decided to bring a friend along for the ride.


And just a comment for all those toy safety advocates out there: This sucker would never pass muster today.  Springs that could pinch little fingers, sharp edges not covered in plastic. You could get bucked off this sucker and get hurt easily. 

But I never remember any injury from “Wonder Horse.” I never remember pinching my fingers, and I’ll tell you what:

There is no way that some cheap, nanny-state-manufactured-hunk-of-plastic horse could ever last as long as or give a ride as good as that 40 year old Wonder Horse.

Another future cowboy agrees.