Time Goes Slower When You’re Traveling


So on the first day, we mapped out our route from Southwest Virginia, to Evansville Indiana.  Google maps showed a reasonable 8 1/2 hour trip. Not bad, even with a 4-year-old in the car.

Of course, you all are thinking what we realized the first day.  These numbers assume you get in your car and drive continuously until you reach your destination.

2-IMG_20140527_153939777_HDRSo that 8.5 hours ballooned into a long 10 1/2 hour day. Everybody was done by the end of the day.

Luckily, Christine had the foresight to bring a number of items to keep ~A~ entertained in the car. One of those was a set of headphones where he could listen to some age appropriate audio books and music, and everyone else in the car wasn’t singing along with Veggie Tales for the fiftieth time. (I’ve been on trips like that.)

We made it to our final destination for the day and were looking forward to our next stop: Saint Louis, MO.


Another Medal Sweep

A couple of weeks ago, our family ran in a little race called the Raleigh Court Road and Trail Challenge. It was the third race this spring that we ran as a family (all but 4 year old ~A~ who hasn’t yet discovered the wonder of running).

BTW, if you’re interested in hearing about the other 2 races, post a comment below.  I’ll write about them if I get at least 1 request.

This is our second year running this race. We really liked it last year because it is mostly on the road, but has a fun little trail section that makes it interesting. It also has a 5k and 10k race distance, so you can have a little bit of fun, or a lot.

~D~ and ~K~ chose "a little fun" by running the 5k route…


..and Christine and I opted for the 10k route–twice the distance for the same price.


The 10k route is just a second loop of the 5k route, so you get to experience the trail section a second time.


Last year, I ran with Christine, but this year we both decided to run on our own to see what we could do. After the race started, I tried not to go out too fast–a mistake that I made last year–but with an early downhill section, that was really hard to do.

The course had  a lot more hills than I remembered and was feeling more fatigue than last year. I also was pushing harder, and was feeling it.

By the end of the first loop, I was ready to quit and go home, but gritted my teeth and kept going.  I decided to try to get my mind off of the running by telling each of the race marshals along the course to say "Hi" to the lady in turquoise behind me.  (I figured that Christine was behind me because I hadn’t seen her since the start of the race.)  At one point I looked back and could actually see her–only about 200-300 yards back.  This surprised me–I didn’t expect her to be so close.

At this point, I’ll mention that she’s been training for a triathlon, and so has been doing a lot more swimming and biking along with her running, while I’ve been just doing the running thing. I think the cross training has been making her stronger.

We hit the trail section again and my legs were done. I was struggling to keep going and even started walking at one point. But then I heard a voice behind me, "C’mon Craig! You can do it!"  And so I started running again, but by the end of the trail section, I was wasted.

As I got out on the road, the last quarter mile was a steady hill before a final dash to the finish line.  I looked behind me and Christine was right there.

"Oh, crap!" 

I started pushing up the hill, fully expecting her to blow by me and pass me at any time, but I wasn’t going to let her off easy. She spared my ego by letting me beat her by seconds.

The boys did really well in the 5k. ~K~ came in 3rd overall (and won a $25 gift card). ~D~ came in first in his age group.

Christine and I both placed 2nd in our age groups.


Compared to the year before, I did really well–shaving 7 minutes off of my time. And the fact that Christine almost beat me? 

Well, she’s a force to be reckoned with.  I’m going to have to ramp up my game if I’m going to keep up.

A Weekend of Biking

For ~K~’s 13th birthday, we went on a camping weekend at Grayson Highlands state park, and then rode on the Virgina Creeper trail.

The camping part stunk really bad.  Everything was fine…


Until the clouds opened up around supper time.  It poured all night and ~K~ ended up sleeping in the car because he was getting so wet in the tent.

I thought we’d be riding in the rain the next day, but it cleared out and we had a great ride.



17 miles up the mountain, and 17 back down.


Lamb Farm

Last week, I took ~A~ on a field trip with his pre-school class. They went to a lamb farm that was surprisingly close by—within 10 minutes from our suburban home.

Who knew that “Old McDonald” lived so close by.


In the barn, all the mother sheep and their lambs were pinned up, and the farmer let out a number of the lambs into the throng of preschoolers.  He also handed out bottles of milk to a number of the children so that they could feed the lambs.


It was apparent the lambs hadn’t been fed yet, by the way they swarmed around those bottles of milk.


The lambs and sheep had numbers painted on them so that the farmer could keep them paired together.


~A~ really got into the whole thing and decided he wanted to bring one home.