Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We don’t discriminate when it comes to helping around the house.  When it is time to clean, it is ALL hands on deck, no matter how big or small. 


However, when it comes to OSHA standards, we’re all about the PPE. We like to protect those little ears so that they can clearly hear the instructions that we give. 

There’s no excuse.



Camo Christmas

In the process of posting photos from 2011 this December, I got a comment from Shelly on one of my posts, in which she said:

You mean your boys actually own non-camo clothing???? Wow….

It is true that the boys wear a lot of camo clothing, so much so that I too wonder if they have any non-camo clothing (they do).

This year, their Oma and Opa (that’s German for “Nana” and “Poppy”) got them camo ornaments to put on the tree, and after Shelly’s comment, I had to post pictures of them.


The funny thing is that it took me a while to find each of these ornaments on the tree—they blend in so well.

Merry Christmas!

Water Balloon Slingshot

With some friends this summer, we were able to make a couple of water balloon launchers (i.e. 3-man slingshot) following these directions.  They turned out great. 

We tried using them in a water balloon fight with limited success, (they are very difficult to aim) but were able to fling water balloons 300 to 400 feet.


Alligator Bites

During our time in Florida, ~K~ ran across an unusual reptile that had insect like qualities in that it could walk on walls.  I was able to get a picture of it.

Unfortunately ~K~ had an incident with this unusual beast and I was able to capture the whole thing on camera:


Luckily he only lost a finger.  He took it bravely and bore the pain with nary a grimace.  He’s had to learn how to point his left hand.


(Editors note: An observant reader may note some discrepancy in the above narrative.  Anyone able to refuting the claims will be the winner of a loud Huzzah.)