Moto Racer

Does anyone else remember that game from the late 90s?


Camo Christmas

In the process of posting photos from 2011 this December, I got a comment from Shelly on one of my posts, in which she said:

You mean your boys actually own non-camo clothing???? Wow….

It is true that the boys wear a lot of camo clothing, so much so that I too wonder if they have any non-camo clothing (they do).

This year, their Oma and Opa (that’s German for “Nana” and “Poppy”) got them camo ornaments to put on the tree, and after Shelly’s comment, I had to post pictures of them.


The funny thing is that it took me a while to find each of these ornaments on the tree—they blend in so well.

Merry Christmas!

Water Balloon Slingshot

With some friends this summer, we were able to make a couple of water balloon launchers (i.e. 3-man slingshot) following these directions.  They turned out great. 

We tried using them in a water balloon fight with limited success, (they are very difficult to aim) but were able to fling water balloons 300 to 400 feet.


Alligator Bites

During our time in Florida, ~K~ ran across an unusual reptile that had insect like qualities in that it could walk on walls.  I was able to get a picture of it.

Unfortunately ~K~ had an incident with this unusual beast and I was able to capture the whole thing on camera:


Luckily he only lost a finger.  He took it bravely and bore the pain with nary a grimace.  He’s had to learn how to point his left hand.


(Editors note: An observant reader may note some discrepancy in the above narrative.  Anyone able to refuting the claims will be the winner of a loud Huzzah.)