Shower Transformed

By May, we were in the middle of the remodel.  One of my favorite transformations was that of our shower.

This first picture is after we put a waterproof material on the wall board.


And of course, here is the final result.


A lot of work, but it was worth it!


Preparing to Destroy

April was the month where we started destroying our house in order to remodel our bedroom and master bathroom.

Here, we’ve taped off where the new walls are going to go.


We also had to move our bedroom into the dining room for a few months.  Since the dining room had 2 entrances, we blocked off the one to the living room with our dresser, and used the other entrance (which could be closed with a pocket door) as our bedroom entrance.


The Denouement

Denouementthe outcome of a complex sequence of events

And so we’re finally moved in to our bedroom.  The carpet guys came on Friday and installed the carpet, and a friend came over and helped us move our bedroom from the dining room back into the bedroom.

This weekend was filled with all the little extra left over stuff that still needs to be done: Putting up shelves, molding, painting trim.  There is still a lot of little stuff left to do, but we’re back in our bedroom.  Ahhh!

And it’s wonderful.

Purple Ceilings, Purple Walls…and Poop in the Sink

Note: Due to all my energy spent on working on the remodel, this post reflects the weekend of Memorial Day, but I’m just getting around to uploading photos and writing this 2 weeks later. Hey, it’s been busy.

This weekend was productive, we basically got the entire bedroom painted. Earlier this week I painted the ceiling. They have this cool ceiling paint now that goes on purple, but dries white. So you can tell where you’ve painted before.

The boys helped me paint the bedroom. They had never painted before, but wanted to try it out. We have lots of wall space in the bedroom, so it was a good opportunity. (I did all the trim work.)

They did a great job helping, and were so fast, too!

By the end of the day, we had gotten the job finished and I was dog tired. My wife came to me with a grave face. “Hon, the sewer’s backed up into the downstairs sink.” Ugg! But at least it was contained to the sink, unlike other times.

We ended up calling Roto-Rooter on Tuesday, and they found that some of the tile from our demolition of the old bathroom had made its way into the pipes. Things are flowing freely now!

Photos of the progress:

Harbingers and Hardwood

I know, it is more of a status update of our progress rather than a blog.  I’m just too tired to come out with any profound thoughts.  But I did want to share our latest progress and I think it is a sign (or harbinger if you will) that the remodel is closer to the end than the beginning.

This week, we got the bathroom painted, the floor down and all the fixtures put in.  Finally done with plumbing, yea!  We ran into one final hitch when installing the vanity:  The drain was coming in the wrong way and we ended up having to move the plumbing.  It ended up going easier than I thought.

The fact that we now have a working bathroom is a wonderful thing (although we haven’t used it yet).

In addition, I closed up the gap in the hardwood floor in our bedroom.  We had some channels where the old walls were and the hardwood was not.  Instead of filling it up with concrete or something, we decided to rip up a section of the hardwood floor and replacing it.  You have to use this big old hammer and a nailer where you hit the plunger to nail the nails in the hardwood.  And I’m feeling the effects…

This week will be lots of painting…

April/May Shower

We waterproofed and tiled the shower this weekend.  The waterproofing is called a Schluter Kerdi membrane (pronounce “shlooter kurdy” with a German and/or Swedish accent), which is put on underneath the tile.

Hopefully this will avoid any water issues like the old shower.

Below is a progression of steps from the old to the new shower.  I’m finally getting excited about this whole job, because we’re finally seeing some tangible results.

The grout was done today (by my intrepid father-in-law) and we’re pushing to get done with the bathroom.

Workin’ Man’s Hands

I have a “cushy” office job, where I sit all day in front of a computer.  My fingers are used to pecking the keys of a keyboard.  They’re soft and pristine (except for a scar on my knuckle from a swing accident in college.)

However, with all this remodeling and construction, my hands (and arms) have taken a beating.  They’re not used to hammering nails, screwing screws.  My tender skin hasn’t faired well with all the wares of construction.

The first encounter was only a few hours into the demolition.  My finger had a conversation with the wrong end of a pry bar and came away gushing.  I almost passed out patching that one up.

But after a few weeks now, that gash has turned into a scar, and my hands have moved on.  Now that they’ve been poked, scratched, scraped, barked, cut, pinched and sliced,  it is just a matter of course to look down to a bloody knuckle or finger.  I’m surprised how easily I bleed.

My sissy hands are always grateful when I spend another day at the office–I can almost hear them sigh with relief.

But they always do their best when I go back to construction. And when they get banged up again, there’s no special treatment–just the occasional, “Ow!”  But then its, “Suck it up!” and back to work.